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Annual services and their benefits

Maintaining your heating and cooling system in the desert can be challenging. The long seasons without a break or the proper maintenance cause wear and tear to your HVAC systems and this turns into lower efficiency and higher utility costs. Not to mention the shortages in materials and parts. Its not all horrible but has been challenging at times.

What can you do to keep your systems well-maintained and your energy and repairs bills lower? The first thing is to make sure your filters are changed regularly. Second is you can clean the condensing coils outside but as a home owner that is about all you can do without the knowledge and tools to do more.

Getting your AC and heaters serviced regularly can help you detect parts and components failing. Although there is no perfect system it still helps you be ahead of the game. This last summer was the busiest summer yet for us and I know for a lot of other companies too. With some parts and equipment being hard to impossible to get I really want to make sure everyone gets their units serviced and any repairs done ahead of time. People had to wait days in the summer when their AC went out as we were 4-5 days out at some points.

Don't wait until summer to replace your units either. It will cost you more and you will have to go a longer time without AC. We offer financing on units and some prices are as low as $80 a month.

But to finish my point get your system at least serviced and ready for the next season. We have service agreements available for you and you can pay monthly, every 6 months or for the whole year.

Here are some benefits of the service agreement,

-Priority service

-Lower energy bills

-Discounted prices on parts and labor

-Better air quality

-Fewer repair bills

-Longer lasting system

-Documentation of maintenance

Even new systems can struggle in the extreme heat or cold so keep them maintained and hopefully we can avoid failures and keep everyone cool during the summer and warm in the winter.

Hope everyone has a good holiday season!


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