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Cleaning Your Air (airborne bacteria, mold and viruses)


Hello and happy new year! I hope everyone is okay and safe with the virus situation happening.

I wanted to reach out and let everyone know about some products you may be interested in. Of course the most important thing is to stay home right now but I found some products that can help with everyone being at home and will even cut down on chances of viruses spreading through the air in your home.

If you are interested in this then keep reading...

UV lights. They have been tested in the past as being extremely effective at killing air born viruses (They have not been tested on COVID 19 specifically yet). It is actually a product we sell and install for all HVAC systems. Commercial and residential. I have done some research online and found this is a growing industry as well. They are starting to use them in the air line industry and in hospitals. But in the HVAC industry they already exist and we can install them now. I'll add some links so you can read over the data and see how its being used.

These are the 2 products we are selling. Ill include links to both so you can read about them.

The Hornet which is an affordable unit and fairly easy to install UV light. It needs to be serviced once a year and will cost about $70 to service.

Hornet price - $325 installed per system.

The APCO-X is a more expensive but more effective way to kill the viruses. They last up to 3 years and then will need to be serviced again.

Call for pricing

These can be installed in residential and light commercial. (Larger commercial will have to be quoted separately) Any job before being done will have to confirm the product will work before starting.

There is another product we can also install for you which is MERV 11 and 13 filters. I'll share with you what I was sent by my suppliers on this.

"The first area of improvement is to upgrade existing filters in current systems. The size of the COVID-19 is approximately 0.125 microns in size. A micron is a microscopic measurement, one millionth of a meter. The most common pleated filter is rated at MERV 8, and will capture approximately 10% of particles 0.125 in size. The MERV 11 is 18% efficient and MERV 13 45% efficient. For a nominal cost you can provide significant improvement in filtration. This is a great start, but there are add ons to systems that will increase efficiency ever more."

So as you can see this combined with UV lights can help reduce the transfer of COVID-19. Obviously its not 100% but for everyone who is staying home now its a really good idea.

We can get MERV 11 and 13 filters for you. They are 3" thick but will fit in most filter grills. They also last longer too (about 6 months give or take) so even though they are more expensive they last longer. Note as they are thicker they will have more surface area to let your system breathe better without losing efficiency.

We install MERV 11 filters for $45 each filter.

MERV 13 are $50 each.

I went over the importance of changing filters too in another blog a few months ago. I'll add the link to that as well.

I hope you learned something here and if anyone has any questions or wants to schedule please call, email or schedule online at our website

I know we will pull out of this! Thank you have a great year!

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